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Learn more about Skyline Animal Hospital‘s pet surgery service below.

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skyline animal hospital pet surgery

There are many different types of pet surgeries, ranging from simple procedures like spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries like mass removal.

Skyline Animal Hospital currently offers a variety of surgical procedures including:

  • spay and neuter
  • mass removal and biopsies
  • eye and ear surgery
  • amputation

The decision to have pet surgery is not always an easy one, but it is often the best option for improving pet health and quality of life. We take special care to develop a personalized anesthetic protocol for your pet in addition to advanced monitoring equipment and dedicated surgery technicians.  When considering pet surgery, the veterinarians at Skyline Animal Hospital will discuss all of the risks and benefits involved. Ultimately, the goal of pet surgery is to provide your pet with the best possible outcome and quality of life. This is why we encourage our clients to ask us any and all questions they may have and our veterinarians will be happy to answer them!